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You may find that this page is very similar to the premium cat food page this is because I think that natural and premium are two words that are nearly synonamous when it comes to cat food. You cannot have premium cat food if it is filled with preservatives and chemicals. The most natural cat food is cat food that is very high in protein because in a cat's natural habitat he would be eating nothing but animals. A cat in nature wouldn't eat any carbs at all! A cat's body is not made to eat carbs and a high amount of carbs and preservatives in a cat's diet can cause him or her to become sick. By spending the extra money now on all natural cat food you will save money later on vet bills and more importantly your cat will be healthy and happy and live a longer life.

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Among the recommended natural cat food brands:

Wellness, Nature's Variety, Innova Evo, Merrick, Newman's Own, Natural Balance, Raw Advantage, Timberwolf, California Natural, Iceland Pet, Solid Gold, Halo.

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