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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
I was sent this great photo from Tracy. She says it's a 1905 postcard she found at an antiques store where she lives. As you can see it's a cat dressed up and sitting in a highchair with a caption that reads "What's Delaying My Dinner?"

I guess the cats of 1905 (like the people of 1905) spoke in a more refined manner.

1905 funny cat in clothes

1905: "What's Delaying My Dinner?"
2008: "I Can Has Cheezburger?"

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Anonymous ben said...
excellent job!
I believe that you have found the worlds first ever lolcat!
seriously though, with a history this old maybe there is a anthropological or sociological study in the works?
November 19, 2008 12:34:00 PM EST  

Blogger Hank Gillette said...
It should read:

My dinerz -- whar iz it?
November 19, 2008 11:34:00 PM EST  

Blogger Daedalus Young said...
December 1, 2008 11:11:00 AM EST  

Blogger Isom said...
That's one of the sweetest things I've seen. It's amazing too that the photo was taken with a dressed up kitten. Generally, it took a while to set things up & there was no quick flash like now - if the subject moved, the pic was ruined. Hence, all those serious looks on people's faces as they froze into position. And few would consider a cat worthy of photographing. The postcard must've made money to bother doing it.

Still, the fact that kittens were valued for more than just controlling mice, even back then, is so nice. I'm going to be saying "aww" all day long whenever I think of this photo.
December 1, 2008 4:28:00 PM EST  

Blogger Ben Watson said...
i can haz many copycatz with fud needs in futurez?

Internetz, 2009 - Children with no knowledge of lolcats have been dressing up cats for hundreds of years and many adults have laughed at the resulting feline predicaments. The more recent addition of bettah spelln haz decreased social and age barriers to nil.
December 1, 2008 5:03:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Victoria Esterlis, M.A. said...
Hi! I'm an antique appraiser in New York, and I'm curious to see if this is an authentic photograph or not. I need a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) digital image sent to esterlis.appraisal.services@gmail.com, and I'll try to let you guys know if this is actually from 1905.
December 2, 2008 2:19:00 PM EST  

Blogger cmr said...


i'd prefer to work from a higher-resolution image if you have one; the result would be much better.
December 2, 2008 6:36:00 PM EST  

Blogger Kenop said...
Retouched further. Probably more like it looked in it's original form.


Will be glad to do this to full size scan if made available.

Great find!
December 3, 2008 4:08:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Jane said...
I think this photo also shows us that the lovable Crazy Cat Lady (my own predecessor!)has been around for over 100 years too. After all, someone took time to hand-sew the dress and custom make the high chair. And photographs were very expensive at the time so she must have really loved that cat. So let's hear it for the Crazy Cat Lady who gave us this little gem!
December 4, 2008 6:43:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jane - I doubt it would have been custom made; it was probably a high chair and dress for a doll.
December 5, 2008 8:31:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Victoria -- it looks authentic to me. Rotograph published other cat (and other animal) photos of a similar style during that time that have been verified.
January 6, 2009 3:58:00 PM EST  

Anonymous Sarah said...
This is amazing. A lolcat that is more than 100 years old. The only thing I can't believe is that the people in 1905 dress their kitty.
February 10, 2009 3:04:00 AM EST  

Anonymous Whistler said...
I think this one beats it: http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/8735/lolcat4kbc.jpg
March 11, 2010 5:31:00 AM EST