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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
It seems like it's time for a new contest here at MyCatWearsClothes.com

This time I'm upping the prize to $100.

This is how you can take part in this contest:

1. Send me an original cat picture with your own original funny caption to MyCatWearsClothes@Yahoo.com --- this means you can't just go to a site like "I Can Has Cheezburger" and steal their photos! They have to be your original photos and your original captions! And please make them funny ;)

2. I will feature all submissions on this site.

3. On June 1st I will choose 10 finalists from all of the submissions. I will choose these finalists based on the following criteria:

a) How funny and good I think the submission is.
b) How many comments the submission gets.
c) How many links/how much traffic your submission gets from other websites. (you can sway your chances a bit by linking to your own submission of course.)

4. The 10 finalists will be voted on in the Cat Forum using the "poll" feature. Of course to vote in the poll you will have to become a member of the cat forum which is easy enough -> Join The Cat Forum. The poll will be open for 10 days! At the end of 10 days the picture/caption with the most votes as the funniest cat caption will win $100 to be sent to you via either PayPal or Check. If there's a tie then the money will be split among those that are tied.

Send your submissions asap to MyCatWearsClothes@Yahoo.com (early entries will have an advantage in gaining more comments/traffic/links)

Ready, Set, BE FUNNY! win $100

***You do not have to have to put the caption on your picture yourself. You can just send me the picture and include the caption you want on it in the email. This may be helpful if you don't know how to add text to a picture. I can do it for you! It's also important that the caption be readable so it may be better if I do it for you.***

***There's no limit on the amount of submissions you can send in, each one has it's own chance to win***

***Eligible submissions must only be sent to our site, sending the photo to other sites as well will disqualify it. We will be putting www.MyCatWearsClothes.com on all submissions***

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Anonymous Rose said...
are we still doing the contest on June 1st?
May 25, 2007 2:38:00 PM EDT